WordPress in Greek & others languages

Multilingual wordpress

I setup this English Greek wordpress blog but basically all of the stuff that I did should be the same for any other billingual wordpress.

I am assuming you have setup wordpress either with fantastico (from your cpanel) or by downloading the latest wordpress version and following the installation instructions from wordpress.org.

Now for καταinternationalizing there are quite a few plugins that you can experiment with, if you want. I personally a tried a few but
Polyglot2 was the best choice for me but far from a perfect solution.

To install polyglot

Drop the polyglot.php and polyglot_flags in the plugins directory and then activate it from the admin panel.

Edit the polyglot.php to include the details of you languages and associated flags, which in the case of english and greek languages result in:

$polyglot_settings['knownlangs'] = array('en','el');
$polyglot_settings['flags']['el'] = 'el.png';
$polyglot_settings['trans']['el'] = 'Ελληνικά';

read more at Multilingual wordpress.

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