The Rise of Mobile Search Engine Optimization

The Rise of Mobile Search Engine Optimization
The Relationship Between Mobile Sites and Search

Search Engines Treat Mobile Sites Differently

Mobile SEO Best Practices

Generally, search engine optimization for a mobile website is similar to optimizing a desktop website. Relevant and fresh content will keep users interested. Be sure to use unique, descriptive and readable titles. Meta descriptions should be unique and have a strong call to action.

In addition to all of the above recommendations, there are some baseline tips for mobile SEO best practices that may seem obvious, but often are forgotten:

* Make sure your mobile site doesn’t limit access to just mobile devices (because search bots are not mobile devices).
* Create and submit a mobile sitemap.
* Be sure to optimize your site’s performance to render fast results for users and search engines.
* Make sure your mobile URLs are viewable on a mobile device (Google will not deliver them in results unless they are compatible with published mobile markup standards such as XHTML Basic 1.1, XHTML MP 1.2 and WML 1.3).
* Register your mobile site on Google Places, which recently unveiled a location-based recommendation engine called Hotpot.

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