Best practices in handling online hotel reviews

Although the hospitality industry is still in the beginning stages of figuring out how to master the exciting potential of social media, it is clear that the role of user-generated reviews is exploding and that consumers are wielding more power. more…


Airlines turn to social media

As always, low cost airlines tend to be the innovators in this area, but – perhaps in a sign of the changed times – many full service airlines have strongly bought into the Social Media sites too. more…


Pricing to profit

As we’re preparing for the fourth quarter of 2009, the hospitality sector has managed to undermine any pricing strength and/or integrity it once held. The sector managed to follow the airlines down the path of failed profitability through unabashed incentives and unprofitable discounting. more…


Improve search visibility with video: 5 strategies

Getting more than one organic link on a search results page can be difficult — but powerful when accomplished. With the addition of image and video results, marketers are finding ways to boost their number of links on page one. more…


6 steps for better email delivery

Email marketing’s effectiveness and ROI have been proven time and time again, but concerns about spam have left many marketers and business owners wary. Will my email messages get through to the inbox? How do I avoid being lumped in with spammers? more…


Social network marketing expands sphere

Though social network advertising gets a lot of attention, it is only one of many ways marketers can reach customers on social networks. Social networks can be used for branding, improving customer loyalty, lead generation, direct marketing and e-commerce. more…

The Five Pillars of Success in Travel

“37% of US online leisure travelers surveyed avoid staying at hotels because they don�t see photos, video or written content that would make them feel comfortable.”

North American Technographics® Travel Online Survey
Q1 2009 (US), Forrester Research, Inc., February 2009.

Attend this complimentary Webinar and join Henry H. Harteveldt, Vice President and Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, as he unveils interesting and fresh research and insights into the role content plays with travel shoppers and how it impacts the five pillars of successful eBusiness. John McAuliffe, Chief Marketing Officer, VFM Leonardo, will accompany Harteveldt for a discussion and analysis of recent Forrester research on successful travel eBusiness.

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During this September 10 Webinar you will learn:

  • The five pillars of effective travel eBusiness and how content plays a role in each pillar.
  • Insights into the “content-sensitive” travel shopper and their level of engagement in the online travel planning process.
  • Why online travel agencies and third-party intermediaries are the gateways to booking consideration.
  • The importance of not abdicating control of social media and user-generated content.
  • What makes online travel shoppers feel comfortable, welcomed and confident in their booking decisions.

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In today’s economy, travel shoppers are no longer looking for the lowest-priced option; they’re looking for the best-priced option � the one that promises them the best experience.

Research indicates that online travel shoppers are more likely to start their hotel research on an intermediary site. Therefore, the only way to inspire, motivate and convert them into bookings is to provide relevant visual content on all the online channels they use.

Register now and learn how you can leverage your online visual presence to gain the travel shopper�s confidence and bookings.

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