LoveIt is a great tool for design and architecture inspiration.

Check out this cool LoveIt Collection that was created to house creative ideas for our new LoveIt HQ we’ll be moving into end of Sept!

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What are some creative ways you use LoveIt?


LoveIt ( — a visual curation and sharing platform — is actively engaging with its community to prioritize the development and roll-out of various new features from importing content to alternate login options. Several new features are housed in an updated version of the LoveIt button that allows users to leverage images they’ve already curated and easily add more of their offline content to LoveIt. The updated button includes:

Content Importer — Users can import their entire Pinterest boards or multiple images from their account to share on LoveIt. While initially built to allow users to import their content from Pinterest to LoveIt, additional sites will be added based on users’ requests.
Multiplicity — Users can quickly “love” several of their images in one simple step from anywhere users keep them, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and the user’s blog. These images can be added to one collection or various collections with similar or unique descriptions.
Batch Uploads — Users can highlight and upload numerous images from their personal computers. This allows users to share more of their personal, offline image collections with friends, family and other interested parties.

“A cornerstone of our strategy is listening to our community and building the tools our users request to make their LoveIt experience the best it can be. Features like the Content Importer were designed in response to popular requests for fast, simple ways for users to share their images and work from existing platforms, like Pinterest, on LoveIt too,” said Ron LaPierre, Co-Founder and CEO of Love It, LLC.

“If only there were a way to transfer all my photos from @Pinterest to @Loveit!” — @cathiemaud

“Playing with @Loveit Multiplicity tool (beta)…sorry pinterest this feature will kill you. I loved 50 photos within a few clicks” — @cammipham
+1 for importing from Pinterest. Awesome.
 With the import it brings the original source it was bookmarked/pinned from too. HUGE plus for content owners.
LaPierre added: “We’ve been clear from the beginning that we’re an open platform, we don’t claim ownership of any content users add to LoveIt, and will definitely not stand in the way of similar technology being built to allow users to import LoveIt collections onto other platforms as well.”

The Content Importer tool includes an algorithm to automatically credit the original content source as users bring the images into LoveIt. Removing extra clicks improves the users’ social discovery experience by taking them directly to the original source of the image, and to the valuable content the source provides along with the actual image.

Along with the release, LoveIt is providing code for websites that want to block LoveIt users from adding the content from their sites to LoveIt collections. The code can be copied from the LoveIt website and pasted on any other website.

Additional new features include offering Twitter as an alternative to Facebook registration, enhanced Facebook functionality with open graph integration, the ability to find Facebook friends who are using LoveIt and invite Facebook friends to join LoveIt.

About Love It, LLC:

Love It, LLC is a privately-held company based in Pasadena, California with 21 employees. The Company was founded in 2011 by Ron LaPierre, Tom Soulanille and Wei Guo alongside its two active board members, Harry Tsao and Talmadge O’Neill of Juvo Capital. Blending their decades of Internet industry expertise, they created LoveIt – a platform where visual sharing and social networking meet. On June 7th, 2012, LoveIt launched open to the public having raised a $6M Series A round of funding.


LoveIt is a site for individuals and groups to discover, collect, organize and share photos they love via public or private collections. In addition to private collections and intuitive drag-and-drop organization tools, LoveIt’s powerful, patent-pending recommendation engine provides a more engaging and dynamic user experience.

6 Month Link Building Plan

Quick links:

By month

Month 1

 Link Profile Audit

What to look for?

  • Type of link
  • Anchor text
  • Clusters of similar IPs
  • Link position on the page
  • Quality (defensibility) of the site link originates from
  • Is the page where the link originates actually indexed?
  • Asses internal link structure as well

Some of the above can be automated and that should help you to reduce the number of links that you need to audit by hand.

Action steps:

  • Talk to the client – get previous reports, lists of links developed and understand what has been done up until now
  • Listen to the client – to understand their goals and their current appetite for risk
  • Fire up your favourite link analysis tool


Month 2

 Link Removals & Updates

Tools for the job

  • Link Management Tool from The Link Auditors – free software, makes it really easy to manage your progress, automatically checks the status of links so no need to send a chaser email to see if a link has been removed. All round fantastic tool and my favourite.
  • SEOgadget – Data Gathering Tool
  • Remove’em – self-service link removal
  • rmoov – the backlink removal tool

Action steps

  • Talk to the client to understand any content production they have done in the past
  • Dig through the archives of the site (use site: search in Google)
  • Look for pages on the site which have a fair number of links (and ask if it could perform better after a bit of TLC?)
  • Try Social Crawlytics to uncover hidden assets


Month 3

At the half-way point in the plan, now it’s time to get on to the really fun stuff. It is going to be a busy four weeks…

 Take control of social

Link Repossession  This element can be broken down into three areas:

  • Images
  • Words
  • Mentions

Get blogging


Month 4

As we pass the halfway point for this plan, month 4 involves fewer activities but they are often more involved and require more resources.

 Guest blogging

Reading to consider

Month 5

 Webmaster promotion to content asset 1

How to find opportunities

Month 6

Influencer outreach for new content asset

Repeat activities

  • Webmaster Promotion to the new content asset
  • Guest Blogging (to the new content asset) – target a portion of your guest blogging efforts towards building links and raising awareness for your new content asset. You can even rework some of the content and tailor to specific blogs to save time when it comes to writing the guest posts.
  • Guest Blogging – as before, this time targeting a new niche from your opportunities map.
  • Blogging – once again think ahead in terms of the content you produce, align with any plans you have on the horizon.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Rewards Platform

WeReward is a mobile rewards platform that allows business owners to drive purchases, increase loyalty and better understand their customers. WeReward promotes your local business, consumer product or mobile app, through an application consumers download to iPhone and Android devices. Consumers are able to earn WeReward points at over 15 millions businesses in the United States. WeReward points act as a cash rebate, creating real value for our users.

How it works

When a customer uses WeReward at your business or with your product, they are required to take a picture of their receipt or buying experience and submit it back to you for verification. You only incur costs when a customer completes a verified transaction with your business. You know the return on investment for every marketing dollar you spend. For a more detailed explanation go here.

Location Marketing

WeReward allows consumers to discover and search for businesses in their local area. Our mobile apps utilize the GPS location of the customer to advertise your business to customers when they are physically close and ready to spend. Learn more about local marketing.

Product Marketing

If you have a consumer product, or other manufactured good WeReward can help you get the word out and drive real, measurable sales. Learn more about consumer products.

App Marketing

WeReward allows App developers to connect with our community by providing rewarded app downloads. Application developers can see who downloaded their app, when they downloaded it and how often they use it. Learn more about app marketing.

Social Media Marketing

WeReward is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, allowing users to easily share their experience with friends. Every time a user claims a reward they are promoted to share the reward with their social network.

Olark – Premium Live chat

The Premium Live chat

Create trust, loyalty, & happy customers

Chat inside your IM client

no proprietary tools to learn!

CRM Integration & Transcripts

keep track of all your clients

Beautiful & Customizable

an enjoyable no-popout experience
All the action in your IM client
GTalk, iChat, or Meebo (even mobile!)
Beautiful visitor experience
Great visuals and low barriers to chat
Dead simple install
Copy & Paste JavaScript

7 B2B Social Media Tools

7 B2B Social Media Tools

With the vast array of social media tools out there, it’s easy for some useful ones to get lost in the mix. Here’s a few that might be flying below the radar, but can be valuable tools for B2B marketers.

1. Social Mention
Cost: Free

For those of you that use Google Alerts you may want to take a look at Social Mention. Social Mention is a real time search platform that will allow you to search on a keyword/phrase and see its social mentions across 100+ social media properties. It offers a strength score, sentiment ratio, a passion score and reach. This stream of information can be fed into your RSS feeds or be delivered to your inbox. It also displays Top Users, Top Hashtags, and Sources. It’s a great addition to your listening toolbox.

2. Flowtown
Cost: Free trial, monthly fees based on imported contacts and email volume

When all you have is an email address, Flowtown can give you a name, age, gender, occupation, location and all the social networks that person is on. It’s a great resource if you need to append your customer file with social network profile information, learn more about the social habits of your database or if you want to target them on social networks.

3. Compendium Blogware
Cost: Varies depending on number of keywords

You should consider Compendium if you rely on your blog for SEO results. Compendium’s Blogware product helps you target keywords because it automatically organizes your content in a way that’s ideal for search engines to crawl. It also has great administrative tools with a step-by-step approval process so you can manage your blog content within your organization.

4. Trackur
Cost: Free for 1 saved search, plans for multiple saved searches

Trackur is a social media monitoring tool that provides an impressive set of features at very reasonable costs. You can save searches which are updated every 30 minutes, receive alerts via RSS or email, bookmark and save discovered items and track sentiment and trends. You can try it for free which includes one saved search, so its easy to give it a test run to see if its right for you, and if so just upgrade into one of the paid plans.

5. Swix
Cost: Free (for now)

Swix is your social web index. It allows you to create pods, which is a way to see your metrics for a particular social media property (Twitter, YouTube, your blog, Flickr, MySpace, etc.) Then for each property, you can enter your amount spent, your cost per unit and then see your return on investment. It’s simple to use. For a great review of Swix, read Jay Baer’s post A Social Media Scoreboard that Works.

6. Addictomatic
Cost: Free

Addictomatic instantly creates a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic. Pick the channels where you want to source your information then save your search as a bookmark. It’s a helpful way to determine the buzz about your product or service, find potential audience and to see what channels are sources of content for your keywords/phrases.

7. Spiral 16
Cost: N/A

Spiral 16 offers 3D Visual Mapping. Their visualizer displays the relationships between unique URLs in dynamic 2D and 3D maps. This enables users to quickly identify key influencers who are spreading a positive, negative, or neutral message about a topic across the Internet. It can help you discover trends, identify targets, measure campaigns and sentiment and increase customer loyalty.

Are there any other tools you find useful in your B2B marketing research, monitoring or ROI calculations? Leave us a comment with your favorites.
Read more:

via 7 B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of | Social Media B2B.

Social networking platform

Powerful Groups for the New Social Era

GROU.PS is a do-it-yourself social networking platform that allows people to come together and form interactive communities around a shared interest or affiliation with built-in apps enabling easy collaboration and communication. Check our apps here:

White Label

Groups organized for the Facebook Age

Using GROU.PS is a no-brainer for those used to websites like Facebook, and will offer your members a host of great features, like unlimited document sharing, group chat, and more.

GROU.PS is a social groupware platform that allows people to come together and form interactive communities around a shared interest or affiliation. The functionality of any online group is limited only by the members’ collective imagination and ambition. The GROU.PS platform is used to create a wide variety of community sites, including online gaming forums, e-learning classrooms, fan clubs, charity fundraising campaigns, college alumni societies, and event planning portals. In short, any organization seeking to aggregate and organize people online can greatly improve its effectiveness, engagement and appeal by migrating to the GROU.PS platform. By giving any user the ability to create an easy-to-use, yet powerful, social network, GROU.PS is propelling online collaboration, communication and content sharing in a new socially aware direction.

via GROU.PS | Powerful Groups for the New Social Era.

How to Add a Tweet Button to your site

Full link: text here: via @jorjevio

Using Twitter’s Tweet Button

Twitter provides a tool to create a tweet button right from their site. It’s somewhat limiting because it uses JavaScript, but it can be a good way to start using a tweet button on your web site, for example. You simply select the button you’d like to use, enter in your tweet text and URL, then copy and paste the code.

Adding a Tweet Button in an Email

To add a tweet button in an email marketing campaign requires that you create an image and link it using the standard link format shown above, although it’s not always that straightforward. The biggest challenge is accommodating various email clients and anticipating how your email marketing service will render the link. Make sure you test the link because you may need to use URL encoding so the link works properly.

tip: Include a Hashtag

If you want to use a hashtag in your preformatted tweet, use %23 instead of the pound sign so it renders properly (this is for all tweet links, not just those included in email).

Including a Tweet Button in a PDF

Adding a tweet button in a PDF can be done by putting an image into your original non-PDF document, then adding the link into the PDF before publishing. The process if outlined along with some great tips on the Social Media Examiner blog.

Incorporating a Tweet Button on Your Facebook Page

The Twitter tweet button doesn’t work on Facebook because of JavaScript, so to add a tweet button on your Facebook Page, you will need to have an FBML tab, an image for your button hosted somewhere, and the standard link you created above. Then you would just code the button directly into your FBML code (or other customized tab) for easy sharing.

warning: Check Your Length

Be sure to check the total characters of your tweet. We know what Twitter allows 140 characters, but 120 or less allows the tweet to be easily retweeted and shared again.

Where do you use a tweet button to encourage sharing of your content? Do you think it’s effective at driving new traffic?

via How to Add a Tweet Button Anywhere » SitePoint.

How to Monitor Your Social Media Presence in 5 Easy Steps

1) Check Twitter for chatter about your company ( 2 minutes ): Use tools like TweetDeck or Twitter Search to monitor conversations about your company in real-time.

2) Scan Google Alerts ( 1.5 minutes ): Check Google Alerts for your company name, products, executives or brand terms. To set this up, enter your search terms in a Google Alert and select to receive updates as they happen or once daily. Now, when people blog about your products, an alert will be sent to your inbox. You can read the articles and respond right away!

3) Check Facebook stats ( 1 minute ): Visit your Company Page’s Faacebook Insights. This can be found under the page’s main photo if you are an admin for your page. Scan your active users and interaction stats. Check out your wall posts or new discussions if you have them enabled for your page.

4) Answer Industry-related LinkedIn questions ( 3 minutes ): Search for questions on LinkedIn that you or members of your company can answer. You can set up an RSS feed for specific question categories to go to your Google Reader as well. When you find a relevant question, respond and include a link to your website or a relevant blog post that might be helpful to your audience.