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Cart2Cart is an online shopping cart migration service which helps you to move data from your current shopping cart to better one automatically.
Unique online shopping cart migration service that allows you to transfer all your customers, products and orders from one shopping cart to another one

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Integrating Twitter with Magento

Social Media in Magento

This article by Richard Carter states that our theming of Magento does not have to stop at changing the way it looks. We can also add aspects of social media to it, such as:

  • Integrating your Magento store with Twitter
  • Improving your store’s customer service
  • Using social bookmarking tools such as AddThis to help your customers spread the word about your store across the Internet

With so many e-commerce stores on the Internet, using social media can make a huge difference to your store’s fortunes. It can also increase your potential customers and ensure that customers continue to come back.

Integrating Twitter with Magento

Installing the LazzyMonks Twitter module

To install the LazzyMonks module, visit its page on the Magento Commerce web site (, and retrieve the extension key, after agreeing to the terms and conditions. Log in to your Magento store’s administration panel, and open the Magento Connect Manager in the Magento Connect option under the System tab.

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Magento Services

Magento Tutorial

Getting Started With Magento Shopping Cart

Magento is an open source eCommerce solution. It has a variety of tools that are necessary for a prosperous online shop. You need reliable web hosting services to create an online shop with Magento. That is why TMDHosting Magento hosting package is a wonderful choice. Here you obtain a free domain name, Magento installation, free shared SSL, and a big number of ecommerce tools. This tutorial covers:

This Magento tutorial will provide you with thorough installation instructions for Magento shopping cart and also for creating and managing a web site using Magento.

Installation & Setup

All you’d need to know about downloading Magento, setting up databases, and running the install wizard.