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Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

Google+ is only available for users 18 and older.


What’s New in Version

– Better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle
– Better support for attaching photos to a post
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements

iPhone Screenshots

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Fweebi iPhone app

Fweebi is a fun, interactive and intuitive way to get the latest value and discount deals from your favourite brands…for free!

Available on the web as well as on your mobile phone so you can always have the latest savings with you. With the Fweebi mobile app you can even find the best deals based on your location – so why pay more!

With Fweebi you’ll always be the first to know when your favourite store offers discounts or special deals and get instant savings every time you shop!  Most importantly, Fweebi is made for you!  You tell us which stores and or categories you are interested in and Fweebi automagically provides you with offers for those deals only. No Spam No Hassle!

Download the Fweebi iPhone app

Fweebi is an innovative digital marketing channel. It is a highly cost effective and easy way to increase sales, foster brand loyalty and discovery, and generate consumer analytics based on usage of offers.

One of the most valuable aspects to the service is that your consumers are opt-in. They sign up because they value your products and want to hear from you. This generates a highly-targeted and quality channel through which you can easily extend offers and attract clients to your stores.

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mobl is a new free and open source language

mobl The new language of the mobile web

Build your mobile web applications faster than ever before — deploy on iOS, Android and other phones supporting HTML5 technologies!
is a new free and open source language designed specially to speed up building mobile applications. Using modern HTML5 technologies, mobl offers you

  • a concise language to build native-feeling web apps in a jiff;
  • great (Eclipse) IDE support (such as as-you-type error reporting, code completion and reference resolving);
  • a rapid save and test cycle. No more lengthy compilations, the mobl IDE compiles your modules whenever you save, ready to be tested in the mobile browser.

mobl language features:

  • Statically typed language, enabling great IDE support and as-you-type error detection, while reducing the amount of typing other statically typed languages require, through type inference.
  • Scripting language syntax similar to Javascript.
  • Declarative domain-specific language (DSL) for defining user interfaces.
  • Declarative concise DSL for defining data models. Data is stored on the device. No server back-end required.
  • Easy access to existing “native” Javascript libraries and widgets.
  • Compiler generates static Javascript and HTML files, ready to be deployed to any web host and to be cached on the device, to enable offline web applications.

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Create native form based apps for the iPad, iPhone

FormEntry for Mac is the only development toolkit you need to build productive, great-looking applications for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Not everyone has the patience to learn software development, however anyone can be an App developer with FormEntry. Designed from the ground up to be an easy to use Mac software, FormEntry can turn anyone into an App author.

Another reason to love “It Just Works”, FormEntry uses the ecosystem of Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPod touches to bring your form based Apps to life. Simple design and simple to use.

Download our 8-page FormEntry brochure in high quality.   Download PDF

Download 5-page  FormEntry workflow & see how distribution is made easy.Download PDF

FormEntry is a top Apple Staff Pick of Development Tools at  Apple Downloads.

Google Overtakes RIM

A large increase in the percentage of US smartphone owners using the Google Android smartphone platform and simultaneous decrease in the percentage using the RIM Blackberry platform led Google to displace the longtime US smartphone platform leader in January 2011, according to new comScore Mobile Metrix data. Google claimed the top spot with a 31.2% share, up almost 33% from 23.5% in October 2010.
RIM Slips, Apple Drops to Third

Meanwhile, RIM lost 15% of its US smartphone platform share in the same time period, dropping from 35.8% to 30.4%. The other leading US smartphone platform provider, Apple, remained almost flat in percentage by going from 24.6% to 24.7% market share. However, this incremental increase was not enough to keep Apple from dropping from second to third place.

Microsoft and Palm rounded out the top five US smartphone platform providers by remaining in their respective fourth and fifth place positions, with each losing almost 18% of its share.

A total of 65.8 million people in the US owned smartphones during the three months ending in January 2011, up 8% from the preceding three-month period.
Samsung Remains Top OEM

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Mobile Application Platform

WorkLight is a leading mobile application platform that enables organizations to create, run and manage rich applications for smartphones, tablets and other environments with the highest levels of developer productivity, enterprise delivery and dynamic control. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on WorkLight to provide optimal user experiences across more devices while radically reducing time to market, development cost and ongoing maintenance effort.
Develop Rich Mobile Apps
with Unmatched Productivity
An open approach to mobile app development
using native and standard web technologies

Mobile Enterprise Smartphone Solutions - WorkLight Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives as they transformed from simple communication tools into powerful personal computers, providing users with direct access to information and services anywhere and anytime.
WorkLight enables organizations to benefit from the rapid adoption of smartphones. Leveraging the WorkLight Platform, companies can now engage their customers, partners and employees on-the-go with personalized and actionable information that is delivered to their iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices in the context of their daily activities.

Utilizing the multi-channel capabilities of WorkLight, developers are overcoming the proliferation of devices and standards as they employ familiar development technologies such as XML, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to deliver a rich and optimized user experience that makes use of popular native device APIs.

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iPhone Emulator for Windows

| Create Mobile Applications | Test iPhone Apps | iPhone Simulator | MobiOne

Create mobile applications & Web sites in minutes

What is MobiOne?

* Create mobile applications and Web sites in just minutes – without touching a line of code
* Supports iPhone App design and iPhone testing, includes iPhone emulator
* Allows marketers and communicators to lead mobile initiatives without being IT experts


Adding Icons & splashes

Design Center, Send to Phone

  • Add iPhone home screen icons
  • Incorporate app splash screen
  • Launch Web app directly
  • Custom brand your iPhone app
Usng iphone emulator

Test Center

  • True device emulator
  • Test apps instantly
  • Click through to test transitions
  • Does not require upload
JQTouch demo

Test Center

  • Explore mobile web frameworks
  • Launch jQTouch
  • Test jQTouch in emulator

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DragonFireSDK – iPhone Simulator

DragonFireSDK – iPhone Simulator

Download DragonFireSDK – iPhone Simulator

Learn how easy and fast DragonFireSDK can be with the Sample Apps in this representation of the DragonFireSDK iPhone Simulator. Click the apps and view the Sample Code in the window below. Click the iPhone’s Home Button to return to the main screen.

Sample Apps Learn how easy and fast DragonFireSDK can be with the Sample Apps in this online representation of the DragonFireSDK iPhone Simulator.

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mobile search engines

Top 5 mobile search engines

BlackBerry Bold 9000Search is going mobile. The number of people accessing the web on their mobile phones is skyrocketing. Searching on your mobile or cell phone is different than searching on your computer: The screen is smaller and typing can be a hassle. To make your mobile searching fun and easy we present five great tools for mobile web search.

  1. Google Mobile Google Mobile,
  2. Taptu Taptu is not as advanced as Google
  3. Yahoo! Mobile Yahoo! Mobile offers much of the tools Google Mobile does
  4. Bing Mobile Bing Mobile has a smart design which makes searching easy:
  5. Ask Mobile Ask Mobile is not too impressive.

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