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    Each Shopify store comes with a variety of beautiful themes to choose from.

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    Your online store will have its own shopping cart and streamlined checkout.

  • 100% Customizable

    Use your own HTML & CSS and have complete control over the look and feel of your online store.

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    We have a dedicated team of security experts that make sure your e-commerce site is as secure as possible.

Three great ways to make money and keep your clients happy
one great Partner Program!

Refer Clients to Shopify

and get 20% revenue share

Screenshot of Partners admin panelWhen you join up as a Shopify Partner and refer clients to us using your referral token, we’ll track the revenue that store generates and give a portion of it right back to you. You make 20% of the revenue that Shopify earns from every client’s store.

The Frequently Answered Questions page goes into more detail on how the referral system works. Terms and Conditions of the affiliate referral program are here.


Develop Shopify Applications

and sell them on the App Store

Screenshot of Shopify App StoreThink other shop owners could benefit from your Application? Publish on the Shopify App Store, and reap the rewards of your work on a bigger scale.

The Shopify API lets you access a Shopify store from your own application. While the examples on this page are focused on API development using Ruby on Rails you can use any other language as well. We’ll also take care of the billing so you don’t have to.


Design a Shopify Theme

and sell it on the Theme Store

Screenshot of Shopify Theme StoreEvery month, over a thousand Shopify merchants are looking for a theme. Design a Shopify Theme and publish it on the Shopify Theme Store.

Creating a Shopify Theme isn’t much harder than designing a HTML/CSS page. Our own scripting language Liquid is incredibly intuitive and for most parts self-explanatory. There is also no price undercutting as the minimum price for any theme on our Theme Store is $80.


Are you ready to become a Shopify Partner?

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Google Wallet

Introducing Google Wallet
Google Wallet is an Android app that makes your phone your wallet. It stores virtual versions of your existing plastic cards on your phone. Simply tap your phone to pay and redeem offers using near field communication, or NFC.

Payments, offers, loyalty, and so much more

Google Wallet has been designed for an open commerce

ecosystem. It will eventually hold many if not all of the cards you keep in your leather wallet today. And because Google Wallet is a mobile app, it will be able to do more than a regular wallet ever could, like storing thousands of payment cards and Google Offers but without the bulk. Eventually your loyalty cards, gift cards, receipts, boarding passes, tickets, even your keys will be seamlessly synced to your Google Wallet. And every offer and loyalty point will be redeemed automatically with a single tap via NFC.

How it works
1: Look for these symbols at checkout.

2: Tap your phone on the reader.

Your phone sends payment, and, at some merchants, offers and loyalty information.

Your phone sends payment, and, at some merchants, offers and loyalty information.

Tap your phone to pay with Citi® MasterCard® or the Google Prepaid Card. More on Payments ›
Offers & Loyalty

Offers & Loyalty
Saving is simple because your Google Offers automatically sync to your Google Wallet. More on Offers & Loyalty ›

Stay safe with the Google Wallet PIN and with secure underlying technology. More on Security ›

Look for these symbols at checkout

You can tap to pay using Google Wallet at hundreds of thousands of MasterCard® PayPass™ merchant locations. Just look for these symbols:

Tap to payMasterCard PayPassGoogle Wallet accepted here

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Lightbox Shopping Cart in your site or blog

Get your own online store page

Wazala allows you to visually create your own online store page with your own logo, background and color option. get our default wazala url or get your own domain name mapped to your store.

Works with your current website

Wazala can be added to any website or blog and even Facebook. Use our button or your own custom design to open the store as an overlay inside your website or directly embed the store inside any page on your site

No need to learn HTML or CSS

Unlike most e-commerce shopping carts and stores, you don’t need to be a web guru to use Wazala. Paste a few lines of text into your website and you’re off and running in minutes.

Digital Artist


Sell your music in an elegant and simple shopping cart on your own blog, website

or Facebook page. We take care of the delivery of your MP3s to your customers with our digital delivery. read more…

Digital Artists

From typography and icon design to photography and illustrations. You can setup a shopping cart store for your creations and be up and selling in minutes. read more…


Taste makers and Bloggers have been the pillar of the new internet revolution, sell your ebooks, merchandise or promotional materials in an elegant and simple store embedded within your blog. read more…

Google offers best practices for mobile shoppers

Google seller ads

Consumers are becoming more dependent on using their smartphones as shopping tools, giving brands and retailers an unprecedented opportunity in terms of ramping up their mobile search efforts to drive more sales.

Google claims that 79 percent of smartphone users in the United States have used their device to help with the shopping experience. A whopping 74 percent of shoppers that have used their devices as a shopping tool have made a purchase.

“This means that having a mobile strategy is key when engaging with these tech savvy, connected consumers,” said Anna Khesed, a member of the mobile ads marketing team at Google, Mountain View, CA. “And this is especially true for advertisers focused on driving online and in-store conversions.”

To help develop a mobile commerce strategy, Google has come up with the following best practices for driving smartphone users to purchase.

1. Extend online brand reputation to mobile with seller ratings
2. Take customers directly to the desired conversion path with mobile ad site links
3. Drive customers in-store with offer ads
4. Click-to-call ads for easier contact

via Google offers best practices for engaging mobile shoppers – Mobile Commerce Daily.

PayPal mobile transactions exceed $6M per day

PayPal mobile transactions exceed $6M per day

PayPal claims it is processing more than $6 million via mobile every day

ORLANDO, FL – A PayPal executive said that mobile payments are growing exponentially and provided his own company’s figures as proof during the keynote at International CTIA Wireless 2011′s Money Over Mobile pre-conference program.

PayPal’s mobile payment transaction volume has grown from $24 million in 2008 to $140 million in 2009 to $750 million last year. It is projected to top $2 billion this year and is expected to reach $7.5 billion in 2013.

“Mobile payments are experiencing exponential growth,” said Fabio Sisinni, director of product management at PayPal Mobile, Palo Alto, CA. “We are doing more than $6 million per day in mobile transactions and we’re on track to exceed $2 billion this year.

“We will top $7.5 billion in 2013 based on the growth we’re seeing,” he said. “A mobile wallet in the cloud is not so distant based on our numbers.
Mobile payment boom
More and more Internet companies are driving the development of the mobile industry, per PayPal.

As an Internet company, PayPal sees a huge opportunity as the world enters the era of connected consumers, with more than 10 billion connected devices projected by 2020.

“We’re making mobile the main part of the business, because the most common way to access the Internet in the near future will be using connected devices such as smartphones and tablets,” Mr. Sisinni said. “Our vision is a wallet in the cloud that consumers can access anywhere, anytime.

“Connected devices could range from a POS device, a TV, a fridge—it could be a billboard or a parking meter,” he said. “We envision a wallet in the cloud giving consumers the freedom to choose from various methods of payment and also earn loyalty points and rewards.”

In addition to launching its own applications and powering mobile payments for parent eBay’s mobile site and apps, PayPal also partnered with Research In Motion for BlackBerry App World.

Last year, PayPal launched its Mobile Express Checkout product for merchants, which can integrate with a mobile platform enable mobile payments.

“It integrates easily with online accounts, so if you have already integrated Express Checkout online, then we automatically take care of the optimization for mobile devices,” Mr. Sisinni said.

PayPal Mobile is used by merchants such as Starbucks, Footlocker and

read entire article: PayPal mobile transactions exceed $6M per day: CTIA keynote – Mobile Commerce Daily – Payments.

OXID eSales – Shopping Cart Software Open Source eCommerce Webshop Solutions

OXID eSales AG – Trusted Open Source eCommerce

Shopping cart software and enterprise ecommerce solutions for successful online business. PHP store software based on leading edge open source technology.
OXID eShop: Software for webshop and e-business activities, also available as free open source software.

  • Modular, state-of-the-art and standards- based architecture – easy to customize

    Customizable and flexible to meet your specific requirements

    Multi-store capabilities for international use

    A range of certified expert partners

    Rights and roles management

    Easy integration with leading
    ERP, PIM and CRM systems

  • Professional eCommerce Store Software
    For eCommerce pros
    The trusted and proven eCommerce standard
  • Open Source Shopping Cart Software

    Latest version OXID eShop 4 as open source

    Sophisticated performance

    Deep search engine optimization

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