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If you’ve heard of DirectCPV before, it’s most likely you know it as the smaller, beginners PPV network. Yes it is smaller than and however their method of displaying ads is second to none. Feast your eyes to the imagery below:

1.) PPV –,, and any other networks you can get your hands on.

2.) Branded Submit Offers – Apple, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle Apparel (I am running this campaign at the moment), etc. also have a good range of these submit offers.

3.) Brand Targeting – The grouping together of relevant brand keywords and URLS.

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CPA & affiliate networks

Market Leverage A Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network which lets you offer hundreds of offers to your readers. Most programs pay per lead or per sale.
Text Link Ads TLA is the most popular place on the net to buy and sell text links. You can also sell in content text links too.
Kontera Kontera is an in-text advertising service which lets you place PPC ads within your content.
BidVertiser BidVertiser lets you add text ads to your blog. You are paid on a per click basis.
Google Adsense Adsense is the most used advertising network in the world. You can display text or banner ads on your blog. You can also add your adsense code to your youtube videos.
NetKlix Netklix is a text based PPC network. You can choose the type of ads that appear on your site and Netklix offer all major ad formats.
SocialSpark SocialSpark offers bloggers a variety of ways to make money through their blog. You can review products, websites and services and you can display sponsors ads on a per day basis.
LinkXL LinkXL lets you sell a maximum of 10 links on individual pages on your blog. You can set the price according to PageRank and you have an option of using nofollow as well.
Sponsored Reviews Sponsored Reviews is a marketplace which lets you see paid reviews on your blog.
PepperJam Network The PepperJam ad network have a wide range of merchants for you to choose from. Most companies per on a CPA or revenue share basis.
Performancing Performancing is a banner ad marketplace which is very popular with bloggers. Bloggers are paid 60% of the ad sales they generate.
AdToll An advertisement marketplace which is popular with some bloggers. You can sell banner ads, text links and peel away ads.
ReviewMe Brought to you by the same people as Text Link Ads, ReviewMe is a marketplace for paid reviews. You can let ReviewMe determine your review rate or you can set your own price.
BuySellAds Similar to Performancing, BuySellAds lets you sell banner ads directly on your blog. They mainly concentrate on 125×125 pixel banner ads.
LinkWorth LinkWorth have a wide range of ways for you to make money through your blog including text and banner ad sales, in text advertising and paid reviews.

ViralPartnershipâ„¢ – Affiliate Network | Affiliate Programs | Affiliate Marketing | Email Marketing | Search Marketing | Social Network

Welcome to ViralPartnership!

We deliver relevance for our advertisers. We also offer the highest commissions to our publishers. In the end, we’re all partners – think of us as an extension to your marketing department. This attitude is the embodiment of ViralPartnership!

Sample of our past & present advertisers:

Highest payout & New exclusive offers

We have the most competitive rates on our affiliate programs, so sign up for an account.

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Highest ROI for any budget

Get your ad campaigns to the market and start receiving quality traffic.

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iPhone Geek – Affiliate Program

iPhone Geek Affiliate Program – Make 75% of Every Sale You Make – The Best iPhone Afiliate Program Online!

We do the work, and you get the cash!

Our affiliate program is an incredibly easy way to earn money with your Web site. When you refer someone to, you get 75% of every sale that originates from your site — it’s that simple. It costs you nothing to become an affiliate and there’s no limit on how much you can earn, so why wait?

How it works is simple:

  • Sign up securely through our website
  • Drive traffic to iPhone Geek through links, banners, ads, promotional offers and product links that we provide you
  • Track your conversions using our online affiliate center, and earn a commission on every sale your website generates

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Step by Step affiliate, ppc, CPA affiliate marketing. –

Step by Step affiliate, ppc, CPA  affiliate marketing. The real deal!!!

As you can see, you can still use Google to make money with CPA.

How to STILL use Google to make money.

As you can see, you can still use Google to make money with CPA.

(Or any type of offer, really.)

The trick is in having a legitimate offer, using obvious keywords, and

most importantly – using “Google Friendly” landing pages like the ones

I show you to create in this video.

The REALLY cool part is this: Google is really just the “tip of the iceberg”

when it comes to making money in this type of business.

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Video 2

$20,416.00 in 27 days using little known traffic source!

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I think the best part of this approach is that you don’t have to have your own website. With this method, it’s 100% cool if you want to send traffic directly to your affiliate link.

But be sure to pay attention to ALL of this video because it shows you the right way to approach a CPA business (or any other business for that matter!)

Remember, a REAL CPA business isn’t about “flash in the pan” gimmicks. It’s about planning, testing, and promoting multiple offers using multiple traffic sources.

This video shows you a great traffic source that’s making a profit right now!

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P.S. I guess I should eventually talk about our launch. Here’s the short version: We’ve created a six-week training course that shows you
EXACTLY how we’ve built a $5 Million dollar per year CPA business. (It nets around $2 million a year.)

This course is interactive and will be taught online by me and my partner, Jay Styles (who is really the “mad genius” behind the software in our company.)

Video 3

We Just DOUBLED Our Profits (And a dirty secret revealed)

As you can see, there’s plenty of money out there for CPA marketers …even if you tell 65,000 people about your campaigns!

The software I mention in this video is *included* in your CPA course that’s being launched on January 11th.

This is a LIVE and INTERACTIVE course we’re teaching online…and it’s very limited.

Click here to add yourself to the Early Notification list and jump ahead of the line.

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PublisherRev CPA affiliates

Welcome to Publisher Rev

Performance marketing is a model focused on results and is built on the foundation of strong relationships. We bring together industry leading publishers and world renown advertisers to produce WIN-WIN partnerships to boost everyone’s bottom line. What can we do for you? Contact us and we would be glad to assist in bringing your affiliate marketing to the next level.

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For Publishers

  • Access Hot and Rare Offers
  • Get Specialized Treatment
  • Lets Grow Your Business Together
  • Net 30 Payments Via Paypal or Check
  • We Offer Great Rewards
  • SUPER HIGH 5% Commission For Referrals
  • Click Here To Apply Now!

For Advertisers

  • Access Industry Leading Publishers
  • Anti-Fraud Pre-Screening and Monitoring
  • You Set The Rules
  • Pay For Performace!
  • We Take Care Of Affiliate Payroll
  • Low Network Fees – 20%
  • Contact Us For Details

Neverblue Affiliate Marketing Program – Targeted Lead Generation and Advertising Network

As a premier lead generation network, Neverblue values strong affiliates, because they’re what make us better! Join Neverblue and experience a sophisticated, globally connected affiliate network that helps you focus on results!

Here’s our commitment to every affiliate:

We Have Great Ads

Thousands of market leading, high yield offers from top tier advertisers

Creatives that work in every medium: search, banner, email, social media networks

Premier programs in every major vertical

Internally developed ads and landing pages you’ll only find on Neverblue

We’re Easy To Work With

Free to Join

Proprietary technology platform helps you make money faster

Two internal contacts for every affiliate:

Client Service – focused on helping you grow your day-to-day business

Network Manager – bringing in new offers and helping you innovate

We Offer Generous Payouts

Neverblue has earned a reputation for accurate, generous and timely (net-15) payouts

Exceptional rewards for the highest quality affiliates

Neverblue. Better Affiliate Marketing.

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COPEAC Affiliates


Partnering with COPEAC leads to SUCCESS

We view our relationship with our publishers as a partnership. We consider all publishers as members of the COPEAC team and we will work with you hand in hand to grow your revenues. COPEAC strives to exceed your expectations through our exclusivity, proprietary technologies, monetization tools, and our dedicated team of experienced Affiliate Account Managers.

Expect the highest level of service and reliability

Our dedicated account executives will ensure that you receive the proper attention and service that you deserve.

Our success is determined by your success

You can expect a partner who depends on the overall success of your business. We want to help your business grow and be the solution you can depend on.

Customized programs

Depending on budget levels for your campaigns, we have the ability to tailor your offers in order to ensure that we reach your marketing goals with the highest level of quality traffic and qualified actions.

Enjoy the benefits of COPEAC’S smarter marketing expertise

Intermark Media’s team of marketing professionals brings years of experience and professionalism to the table. We utilize that knowledge to help our clients advance their exposure with immediate results.

High Volume of Quality Traffic

Enhance your integrity as a brand and set the tone for enviable customer loyalty.

Pre-Screened Affiliates – Tested and quality certified

We scrutinize and evaluate every publisher prior to acceptance. Continuous monitoring of our publishers ensures quality and consistency to your campaign.

Take advantage of our publisher relationships

Expand your online reach through our relationships with leading online publishers who work closely,

day-to-day, with our marketing experts.

Maximize Traffic

Optimize every campaign with The ACE System, our proprietary optimization technology.

Can Spam Compliance & Protection

We are strict on compliance and up to date with industry trends. We uphold high standards and practices, ensuring our clients’ campaigns are properly managed.

Creative Development Services

Our experienced team of designers and creative professionals create the designs that optimize exposure with immediate results.

24 Hour Support – 7 Days a Week!

We are available when you need us. We are dedicated and ready to provide assistance whenever necessary.

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AZN Network. CPA

AZN is a division of Epic Advertising, providing a trusted name (since 2000), outstanding customer service, dependable and accurate tracking and customized timely payments. After all, almost 45,000 + publishers can’t be wrong! It is the company’s flagship performance-based ad network focused primarily on direct response advertising and “CPA”. The AZN Network provides the opportunity for ambitious publishers of all shapes and sizes to launch prevalent and lucrative Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaigns through a superior self-service marketing platform that supports search, web/banner, social media, email and incentivized traffic.

Why we are the best CPA network around:

  • Monthly Publisher rewards & contests (
  • Largest selection of exclusive private campaigns
  • Experienced Network Management team & 24/7 publisher support
  • Proprietary tracking and interface access via  iPhone and Blackberry applications
  • Award winning creative services (IAC winner 2 years in a row for Best Email Campaign)
  • Customized and timely payment terms
  • Interface tools to help increase your ROI
  • Easily manage sub ID’s /SOAP API Solution
  • Place  and manage your own tracking / ping back pixels
  • FAQ library for easy access to pertinent  information

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Cost-Per-Action (CPA)