Fweebi iPhone app

Fweebi is a fun, interactive and intuitive way to get the latest value and discount deals from your favourite brands…for free!

Available on the web as well as on your mobile phone so you can always have the latest savings with you. With the Fweebi mobile app you can even find the best deals based on your location – so why pay more!

With Fweebi you’ll always be the first to know when your favourite store offers discounts or special deals and get instant savings every time you shop!  Most importantly, Fweebi is made for you!  You tell us which stores and or categories you are interested in and Fweebi automagically provides you with offers for those deals only. No Spam No Hassle!

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Fweebi is an innovative digital marketing channel. It is a highly cost effective and easy way to increase sales, foster brand loyalty and discovery, and generate consumer analytics based on usage of offers.

One of the most valuable aspects to the service is that your consumers are opt-in. They sign up because they value your products and want to hear from you. This generates a highly-targeted and quality channel through which you can easily extend offers and attract clients to your stores.

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Managing Your Apps on Facebook

One of the very basic aspects of running Involver applications is their management on your Facebook fan page. Facebook now lists applications in the left hand sidebar, with the ability to reorder, rename, hide or uninstall them. The video below, from Involver’s Director of Product Marketing, Roland Smart, explains how to reorder applications in your sidebar, and the difference between hiding and uninstalling them. You can also find complete instructions on our documentation site under Managing Involver Applications.

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Mobile Application Platform

WorkLight is a leading mobile application platform that enables organizations to create, run and manage rich applications for smartphones, tablets and other environments with the highest levels of developer productivity, enterprise delivery and dynamic control. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on WorkLight to provide optimal user experiences across more devices while radically reducing time to market, development cost and ongoing maintenance effort.
Develop Rich Mobile Apps
with Unmatched Productivity
An open approach to mobile app development
using native and standard web technologies

Mobile Enterprise Smartphone Solutions - WorkLight Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives as they transformed from simple communication tools into powerful personal computers, providing users with direct access to information and services anywhere and anytime.
WorkLight enables organizations to benefit from the rapid adoption of smartphones. Leveraging the WorkLight Platform, companies can now engage their customers, partners and employees on-the-go with personalized and actionable information that is delivered to their iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices in the context of their daily activities.

Utilizing the multi-channel capabilities of WorkLight, developers are overcoming the proliferation of devices and standards as they employ familiar development technologies such as XML, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to deliver a rich and optimized user experience that makes use of popular native device APIs.

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Android Developers Blog: More Countries, More sellers, More buyers

Android and Android Market

Developer Announcements

Android Market

We’re pleased to announce that paid apps are available in more locations of the world! Developers from 20 more locations can now sell paid apps on Android Market. Users in more locations will also soon be able to purchase apps.

Learn more »

Get Android 2.2!

The Android 2.2 platform is now available for the Android SDK, along with new tools, documentation, and a new NDK. For information about new features and APIs, read the version notes.

If you have an existing SDK, add Android 2.2 as an SDK component. If you’re new to Android, install the SDK starter package.


The Android SDK has the tools, sample code, and docs you need to create great apps.

Learn more »


Android Market is an open service that lets you distribute your apps to handsets.

Learn more »


Android Open Source Project gives you access to the entire platform source.

Learn more »

Target Devices

The Device Dashboard provides information about deployed Android devices to help you target suitable device configurations as you build and update your apps.

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Android vs iPhone

Web Designer Podcast Episode 1: Android vs iPhone, Chrome and CS4

by Steve Jenkins

podcastIn the first Web Designer podcast, the team talk developing for Android vs iPhone and chat with regular contributor Adrian Bridgewater about Google Chrome’s impact on the development scene. Jonathon Ferman, Business Development Manager from Adobe, joins the team to talk about CS4.

Click here to listen to the podcast.
Click here to subcribe to the podcast.

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Sencha – Sencha Touch Mobile applications

Sencha Touch API

We thoroughly documented Sencha Touch during its creation so that you can have the best experience bulding your own apps.

See just how easy it is to make mobile apps by browsing the Sencha Touch API docs »

Getting Started Guide

Sencha Touch is an HTML5 mobile app framework for deploying instantly to Apple iPhone and Google Android phones.

Learn how to build your first app with our Getting Started Guide »

Sencha Touch Introduction from Sencha on Vimeo.

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Build Native iPhone Apps With Flash CS5

Build Native iPhone Apps With Flash CS5 | .: Blog.FlashGen.Com :: Mike Jones – Flash Platform Evangelist :..

Yesterday at MAX 2009 in Los Angeles Adobe announced that the next version of Flash Professional (CS5) will include the ability to export content created by it for deployment on the iPhone.

What it does mean is that if you’re a Flash / ActionScript developer you can develop applications, games etc for the iPhone and iPod Touch without the need to learn Objective-C. Before we get ahead of ourselves this doesn’t mean that the iPhone supports Flash content – that “issue” hasn’t be resolved at this point.

Adobe Labs has a section on developing applications for the iPhone – you can even sign up for a future public beta. Below are links to the current apps built with Flash CS5 prerelease – including a person favourite of mine “Just Letters” by my good Friend Stefan Richter

Chroma Circuit


Trading Stuff




Just Letters


South Park


That Roach Game


Red Hood


goodiware.com :: iphone pdf reader

Current version: 2.7
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
OS version: 3.0 or newer
Price: $0.99 (in U.S. App Store, will vary in different countries)
* Paid add-ons (for iPhone version only, all extra features for iPad version are free)
* User Manual
* User Manual: How-Tos
* User Manual: WiFi File Transfer
* User Manual: Troubleshooting
* Updates History

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