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Developing mobile sites
We believe the mobile web is becoming increasingly important, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. So, we’ve put together this page of tools available for developers of mobile content, to help ease the way.

Mobile markup

Mobile web pages come in several markup dialects, including WML, XHTML Basic, XHTML MP and cHTML. WML is an older standard that is supported by many browsers, and still widely used in some markets. cHTML is used primarily in Japan, but also some parts of Europe. XHTML Basic and XHTML MP are almost identical subsets of HTML, used globally, but particularly in North America and Europe. XHTML dialects are the newest and most expressive of markups, and are gaining usage. XHTML Basic 1.1 and XHTML MP 1.2 are a good choice for new development, but your choice will vary according to your target market.


Valid pages are likely to render correctly on more mobile devices.

Published mobile markup standards include:

Validators include the following:


You may be confident that your page is valid XHTML or valid WML, but are you certain that it’s going to look right on a real phone screen? Use an emulator to test your page, and avoid the hassle of buying them all.

Google resources

Other resources

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Yahoo! Search BOSS – YDN

BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is Yahoo!’s open search web services platform. The goal of BOSS is simple: to foster innovation in the search industry. Developers, start-ups, and large Internet companies can use BOSS to build and launch web-scale search products that utilize the entire Yahoo! Search index. BOSS gives you access to Yahoo!’s investments in crawling and indexing, ranking and relevancy algorithms, and powerful infrastructure. By combining your unique assets and ideas with our search technology assets, BOSS is a platform for the next generation of search innovation, serving hundreds of millions of users across the Web.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Check out BOSS specs and mash-up examples below
  2. Review the documentation and technical spec sheet (PDF)
  3. Get a BOSS Application ID

Using the API or Web Service


Search APIs are nothing new, but typically they’ve included rate limits, strict terms of service regarding the re-ordering and presentation of results, and provided little or no opportunity for monetization. These constraints have limited the innovation and commercial viability of new search solutions.

BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is different; it’s a truly open API with as few rules and limitations as possible. With BOSS, developers and start-ups now have the technology and infrastructure to build next generation search solutions that can compete head-to-head with the principals in the search industry. BOSS will grow and evolve with a focus on providing additional functionality, tools, and data for developers.

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Twitter Applications / Downloads

Twitter / Downloads.

Twitter  Applications

Twitter lets you find out what your friends are doing in whatever way makes the most sense for you. Check out these applications for other ways to send and receive Twitter Updates.

Google Desktop iPhone & iPod touch iPhone & iPod touch
Twitter Gadget by Google Twitterrific by IconFactory PocketTweets by PocketTweets
Widgets Twhirl Twitteriffic
Widgets by Twitter Twhirl by Seesmic Twitterrific by IconFactory
Spaz Blogo Digsby
Spaz by Ed Finkler Blogo by Brainjuice Digsby by dotSyntax