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Powerful Groups for the New Social Era

GROU.PS is a do-it-yourself social networking platform that allows people to come together and form interactive communities around a shared interest or affiliation with built-in apps enabling easy collaboration and communication. Check our apps here:

White Label

Groups organized for the Facebook Age

Using GROU.PS is a no-brainer for those used to websites like Facebook, and will offer your members a host of great features, like unlimited document sharing, group chat, and more.

GROU.PS is a social groupware platform that allows people to come together and form interactive communities around a shared interest or affiliation. The functionality of any online group is limited only by the members’ collective imagination and ambition. The GROU.PS platform is used to create a wide variety of community sites, including online gaming forums, e-learning classrooms, fan clubs, charity fundraising campaigns, college alumni societies, and event planning portals. In short, any organization seeking to aggregate and organize people online can greatly improve its effectiveness, engagement and appeal by migrating to the GROU.PS platform. By giving any user the ability to create an easy-to-use, yet powerful, social network, GROU.PS is propelling online collaboration, communication and content sharing in a new socially aware direction.

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Partner API

The Partner API allows people to create their own image bank and earn money through our affiliation program. With the API, they can search the Fotolia database, display results on their own website, and generate revenue through our affiliation program. The best services are listed here.


Business API

The Business API allows businesses to integrate and offer Fotolia services to their customers. This is an ideal solution for printing and online template companies who can produce customized on demand items to their clients completely automated. The API will allow a business to search the fotolia database, display search results and purchase images through their own website. The best Fotolia service integrations may choose to be listed here.


Developper API

The Developer API allows a creative person to design new applications such as modules, plugins, software, web services, or widgets. The API can also help to build a product or service to enhance or change the Fotolia user experience. The best applications are listed here.


Reseller API

The reseller API entitles website owners to create their own image bank and to sell, with their own conditions, images from our database without any mention of Fotolia. Thanks to this API you will be able to create your own Microstock in all countries and all languages. You decide on which conditions and create your own activity.

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Niche Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Niche Marketing Strategy
1. Use keyword research

Keyword research is a powerful method of gathering information from multiple sources. Thus, niche marketing software (such as the one found at the Internet Time Machine) is a valuable resource when marketers need to find what niches Internet users are currently searching for. As noted, finding the right keyword trends at the right time is crucial and using cloud computing programs will save time and frustration.

Not only can niche marketers see what keywords are trending online but they can also track what keyword trends are moving up and down in popularity. If a niche marketer sees a term moving up in popularity with Internet users, they will be able to jump on it and use the niche in their search keyword marketing before everyone else catches on.
2. Narrow your marketing tactics

Every day, I come across an advertisement or forum post that includes a link or some other online marketing tactic that looks out of place. A good example of this would be posting a comment on a computer tech forum about a new herbal remedy.

Tactics such as these build website traffic and put the product or business name out there, but if the product or service niche does not match up with the website that it is being marketed on, then it will be ignored. In the same regard, the marketing efforts could be seen as spam, which can be detrimental to any marketing campaign. (more…)

How to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog : Wealthy Affiliate Blog

How to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

How to Make Money With WordPress: Don’t be boring!

There is nothing worse than reading lame content.  People tend to like reading things as though you are having a conversation with them.  This is what is known as “conversational speak”.  For example, the way I am talking to you right now is much more engaging than if I were to refer to you in technical terms.

Lame speak:

“People online make money with their WordPress blogs by an affiliate program that matches their content.”

Conversational speak:

“If you really want to make some money with your WordPress blogs, you need to consider who your customer is.  For example, say I am “Joe Blow” looking for a solution to get rid of a mole on my forehead.  What sort of program would I be looking for?  What sort of products will remove a mole and is there anything that is natural that can cover this up without me having to consider surgery?

Answer your potential customers’ questions or they will mozy along to a site that does.”

Write interesting content and people will actually read it.  If people want to read a technical definition of something they will go to Wikipedia.   Help people understand stuff and relate to things by talking to them as though you would your mom or your best friend.

How to Make Money With WordPress: Writing Should be FUN, relevant and unique!

How to Make Money With WordPress: Making Money From Your Traffic

The most effective ways to earn a significant amount of money from your WordPress traffic are:

(1) Affiliate Programs

There are many types of commission structured affiliate programs, but amongst the top are are Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Acquisition.  The most common is CPS which is usually commission % based, which includes networks like:

But there are also many networks know that pay per action.  For example an action could be someone filling out a form, taking advantage of a free offer, or filling out a survey.  Many affiliates are making a ton of money with both styles of affiliate programs, leveraging their WordPress blogs to do so.

I recommend that if you aren’t already part of them, you seek out these top networks for affiliate programs that are relevant to your “niche”.  Many pay very well and will be a nice inclusion on your WP blog posts.

(2) Google Adsense and Content Networks

Adding Google Adsense or adding ads from other ad networks to your blog can be a great way to earn money.  If someone clicks on the ads that are displayed on your page, you earn money.   We recommend using Adsense for this, but there are other ad networks that work well.  They include:

(3) Selling your own STUFF

There are many ways that you can sell your own products and services (or info) online.  If you have tangible products or used goods, you can use the following to sell them:

There are built-in plugins in WordPress that allow you to easily incorporate your eBay listings into your blog or to add a Paypal Payment feature on your blog.

Say you have a bunch of info on something and you think others would find it valuable and pay for it.  Maybe you know a lot about golf, maybe you know how to get rid of acne naturally…people pay for this stuff.  Create a PDF, and then put it on the Clickbank network as a merchant. (more…)

PublisherRev CPA affiliates

Welcome to Publisher Rev

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