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Go beyond Facebook “Likes” with “Want” and more.

Facebook “Want” drives more revenue per click than any other social source.

Increases sharing over 2x

Easily track shares to sales

Simple install with data in seconds

Over 2,000 retailers made $1,465,742.89 from social across 1,308,453 products.

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Social Buttons for Retail free Ideal for sharing products, not just articles and content.

  • Facebook Want and Own buttons
  • Measure the value of Pinterest and more
  • Pre-purchase Rewards free

Increase customer engagement and lower shopping cart abandonment.

  • Increase sharing by over 2x
  • Set different rewards and tips per source

Conversion Tracking free

Measure the value of social to orders and revenue.

  • Stop guessing about social media ROI
  • See which orders were socially influenced
  • Identify where each product is popular
Loved by retailers of all sizes.
Always Free and always simple.
Fast, Reliable, & Secure CDN hosted asynchronous javascript and SSL secure.
eCommerce Approved for smart social analytics.

Retailers are also able to incentivize sharing by offering customers a discount each time they share.

– Internet Retailer Magazine

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