redSHOPis the leading webshop solution for Joomla – The powerfull Open Source CMS with 20 million downloads till date.redSHOP is individually adapted to your existing Joomla website and with our flexible and fully Joomla Framework support template system its never been easier.The webshop is easy to use and fast to update and best of all its 100% GPL licensed.

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redSHOPKey Features
No limitations to design and templateability Offer gift certificates and gift wrapping
Show an unlimited number of products Multiple currencies
Add pictures in different sizes Multiple payment and shipping methods
Send out newsletters and catalogues Statistics and Search Engine Optimization
Create action e-mails Ready-to-use and easy-to-manage webshop

Joomla Template framework

9 Joomla Template framework solutions for developers


Below is my criteria list when selecting a new framework:

  • Stable usage: I can use it without bugs.
  • Reasonable and flexible layout: Module positions are divided suitably, crisply and cleanly. And it is easy to adjust their width. So I can see the layout I want and customize it quickly.
  • Easy to use: It has a well constructed user interface with clear usage instructions and its code is neatly structured.
  • Fast loading speed: I can set and save its parameters in the blink of an eye. And the customized website is loaded quickly.
  • Rich features: It provides various tools for crafting a modern template: Mobile ready, Google Analytic code insertion, Social media integration and so on.
  • Extensible ability: It is compatible with other extensions.
  • Easy to update: I can update it quickly, without breaking up previous settings and database.  
  • Detailed documentation: Documentation with full introduction, features list, customization instruction, etc.

General reviews


Standalone template skeleton (*)

Joomla supported



Free/Commercial (**)

JA T3 framework

No 1.5, 2.5 – Nice design

– Quite comprehensive features

– Complicated code

– Complicated installation with various elements if you want to use all of its features

– Code editing requirement to customize layout

Free + Commercial

Gantry framework

No 1.5, 2.5 – Easy to use and customize

– Very detailed documentations

– Social media integration lacking Free + Commercial

Warp framework

No 1.5, 2.5 – Fast loading speed – Social media integration lacking Commercial

Gavern framework

No 2.5 – Social media integration

– Fast loading speed

– Limited available templates Commercial

Zen Grid framework

No 1.5, 1.7, 2.5 – Nice design

– Easy to use

– Rich features

– No mobile support Commercial

Helix framework

No 1.5, 2.5 – Easy to use

– Fast loading speed

– No mobile support

– Layout is not flexible

Free + Commercial

Construct Template Development framework

No 2.5 – Quite easy to use

– Fast loading speed

– No special features or functionalities Free + Commercial

Morph framework

No 1.5 – Keyboard shortcuts added

– Sophisticated features.

– Complicated usage

– Slow loading speed

Free + Commercial

JV framework

Yes and No. There are two versions:

– One requires templates

– One doesn’t

1.5, 1.7,2,5 – Drag and drop feature

– Built-in themes editor

– Limited mobile layout Free + Commercial

(*) Standalone template skeleton: A framework is used with a template. Some frameworks are standalone so you need to install them with templates to use them. Some other frameworks have templates integrated in the package so you just need to install it only once.

6 Month Link Building Plan

Quick links:

By month

Month 1

 Link Profile Audit

What to look for?

  • Type of link
  • Anchor text
  • Clusters of similar IPs
  • Link position on the page
  • Quality (defensibility) of the site link originates from
  • Is the page where the link originates actually indexed?
  • Asses internal link structure as well

Some of the above can be automated and that should help you to reduce the number of links that you need to audit by hand.

Action steps:

  • Talk to the client – get previous reports, lists of links developed and understand what has been done up until now
  • Listen to the client – to understand their goals and their current appetite for risk
  • Fire up your favourite link analysis tool


Month 2

 Link Removals & Updates

Tools for the job

  • Link Management Tool from The Link Auditors – free software, makes it really easy to manage your progress, automatically checks the status of links so no need to send a chaser email to see if a link has been removed. All round fantastic tool and my favourite.
  • SEOgadget – Data Gathering Tool
  • Remove’em – self-service link removal
  • rmoov – the backlink removal tool

Action steps

  • Talk to the client to understand any content production they have done in the past
  • Dig through the archives of the site (use site: search in Google)
  • Look for pages on the site which have a fair number of links (and ask if it could perform better after a bit of TLC?)
  • Try Social Crawlytics to uncover hidden assets


Month 3

At the half-way point in the plan, now it’s time to get on to the really fun stuff. It is going to be a busy four weeks…

 Take control of social

Link Repossession  This element can be broken down into three areas:

  • Images
  • Words
  • Mentions

Get blogging


Month 4

As we pass the halfway point for this plan, month 4 involves fewer activities but they are often more involved and require more resources.

 Guest blogging

Reading to consider

Month 5

 Webmaster promotion to content asset 1

How to find opportunities

Month 6

Influencer outreach for new content asset

Repeat activities

  • Webmaster Promotion to the new content asset
  • Guest Blogging (to the new content asset) – target a portion of your guest blogging efforts towards building links and raising awareness for your new content asset. You can even rework some of the content and tailor to specific blogs to save time when it comes to writing the guest posts.
  • Guest Blogging – as before, this time targeting a new niche from your opportunities map.
  • Blogging – once again think ahead in terms of the content you produce, align with any plans you have on the horizon.

Social Buttons for Retail

Want/Own Buttons AddShoppers
Free Social Sharing for Retailers | Commerce Analytics Platform | Media Tools

Go beyond Facebook “Likes” with “Want” and more.

Facebook “Want” drives more revenue per click than any other social source.

Increases sharing over 2x

Easily track shares to sales

Simple install with data in seconds

Over 2,000 retailers made $1,465,742.89 from social across 1,308,453 products.

Featured Apps

Social Buttons for Retail free Ideal for sharing products, not just articles and content.

  • Facebook Want and Own buttons
  • Measure the value of Pinterest and more
  • Pre-purchase Rewards free

Increase customer engagement and lower shopping cart abandonment.

  • Increase sharing by over 2x
  • Set different rewards and tips per source

Conversion Tracking free

Measure the value of social to orders and revenue.

  • Stop guessing about social media ROI
  • See which orders were socially influenced
  • Identify where each product is popular
Loved by retailers of all sizes.
Always Free and always simple.
Fast, Reliable, & Secure CDN hosted asynchronous javascript and SSL secure.
eCommerce Approved for smart social analytics.

Retailers are also able to incentivize sharing by offering customers a discount each time they share.

– Internet Retailer Magazine

Google+ pages

Google+ Platform

Introducing the Google+ Hangouts API

Bring people together like never before

Get Started

+1 Button

Get the +1 button

Share content into Google+ directly with the +1 button on your own website.

Learn more about the Google+ API

Explore the API and build your first app. Download a starter project or client library to begin.

Page speed

Page Speed Online

Make your web site faster

What is Page Speed Online?

Page Speed Online analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates. Learn more

What’s new in Page Speed?

  • Page Speed Online graduated from Google Labs New!
  • Page Speed suggestions tailored to mobile sites
  • Page Speed for Chrome

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Rewards Platform

WeReward is a mobile rewards platform that allows business owners to drive purchases, increase loyalty and better understand their customers. WeReward promotes your local business, consumer product or mobile app, through an application consumers download to iPhone and Android devices. Consumers are able to earn WeReward points at over 15 millions businesses in the United States. WeReward points act as a cash rebate, creating real value for our users.

How it works

When a customer uses WeReward at your business or with your product, they are required to take a picture of their receipt or buying experience and submit it back to you for verification. You only incur costs when a customer completes a verified transaction with your business. You know the return on investment for every marketing dollar you spend. For a more detailed explanation go here.

Location Marketing

WeReward allows consumers to discover and search for businesses in their local area. Our mobile apps utilize the GPS location of the customer to advertise your business to customers when they are physically close and ready to spend. Learn more about local marketing.

Product Marketing

If you have a consumer product, or other manufactured good WeReward can help you get the word out and drive real, measurable sales. Learn more about consumer products.

App Marketing

WeReward allows App developers to connect with our community by providing rewarded app downloads. Application developers can see who downloaded their app, when they downloaded it and how often they use it. Learn more about app marketing.

Social Media Marketing

WeReward is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, allowing users to easily share their experience with friends. Every time a user claims a reward they are promoted to share the reward with their social network.