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When Volkswagen planned the launch of their new Passat for Q1 2011 it was to find new ways and channels to forcefully and creatively reach out with their message and raise awareness of the new car model. “I had a dialogue with Widespace on possible means to create something new that would give attention and a “wow” feeling says Katarina Lakowitz, Internet manager at VW.

Volkswagen invested heavily in the mobile channel. “Widespace presented a proposal where we would focus on large “impact” formats such as full screen ads in apps and take-overs on mobile sites to achieve maximum observation value, in combination with standard banners to maximize reach,” said Katarina Lakowitz and continues. “Together with Widespace and our advertising agency, we produced a brand new campaign site in HTML5, where we showed our commercials, detailed pictures of the Passat and its innovations, and used the phone’s unique GPS functionality to directly show where the nearest dealer was and thus drive traffic to our showrooms.”

The campaign was reported in the media and became a hot topic. A very high click rate on the ads allowed for high traffic to the landing page where the average time per visitor was a full 48 seconds. “The fact that potential customers interacted with our brand that long per visit was fantastic,” said Katarina Lakowitz and continues “I’m very happy with the results and the campaign was also a business case for our headquarters in Germany.

via Volkswagen | Widespace.

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