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Team EaSE Article: SEO, Joomla! and your Template
Many people ask “Is Joomla! good for SEO or not?” and a final answer is: “Yes it is!”. Joomla! is the ideal software with which you can build any website: business, corporate, education, government, portals etc. At the same time it is one of the easiest content management systems to set up, for many reasons, and good for the purpose of better rankings in search engines too.

On-page optimisation

SEO is not just an on-page process. It is an organic process which should start from keyword research (terms and phrases), building a search engine friendly web site and building links. What is most important from these three? All three.

Building a search engine friendly website is very important. As any website, Joomla! needs a good template, robot.txt file, sitemap, SEF URLs and body tags.

Learning how search engines work is a long process, but here are some fast-track guidelines for on-page SEO steps

A Web Page can be considered SEO friendly if it has:

  • meta description (max 150 characters)
  • good architecture
  • link to the home page
  • breadcrumbs
  • category or/and section link
  • title with H1 tag, with keyword or phrase (title tag max 70 characters)
  • subtitles with keywords or phrases
  • great ratio text to code
  • content (article) which is near to the closing head tag
  • unique content
  • proper name of images, with alt attribute and folder name
  • a few instances of keywords and/or phrases in the article (heading, alt, bold, italic)
  • speed and no more then 150 kb
  • low number of CSS and javascript compressed files

Before search engines crawl a website, they will first try to find the .htaccess and robot.txt files.

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