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Partner API

The Partner API allows people to create their own image bank and earn money through our affiliation program. With the API, they can search the Fotolia database, display results on their own website, and generate revenue through our affiliation program. The best services are listed here.


Business API

The Business API allows businesses to integrate and offer Fotolia services to their customers. This is an ideal solution for printing and online template companies who can produce customized on demand items to their clients completely automated. The API will allow a business to search the fotolia database, display search results and purchase images through their own website. The best Fotolia service integrations may choose to be listed here.


Developper API

The Developer API allows a creative person to design new applications such as modules, plugins, software, web services, or widgets. The API can also help to build a product or service to enhance or change the Fotolia user experience. The best applications are listed here.


Reseller API

The reseller API entitles website owners to create their own image bank and to sell, with their own conditions, images from our database without any mention of Fotolia. Thanks to this API you will be able to create your own Microstock in all countries and all languages. You decide on which conditions and create your own activity.

resellerapivia – Royalty Free Stock Photos.

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