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Mobile Rewards Platform

WeReward is a mobile rewards platform that allows business owners to drive purchases, increase loyalty and better understand their customers. WeReward promotes your local business, consumer product or mobile app, through an application consumers download to iPhone and Android devices. Consumers are able to earn WeReward points at over 15 millions businesses in the United States. WeReward points act as a cash rebate, creating real value for our users.

How it works

When a customer uses WeReward at your business or with your product, they are required to take a picture of their receipt or buying experience and submit it back to you for verification. You only incur costs when a customer completes a verified transaction with your business. You know the return on investment for every marketing dollar you spend. For a more detailed explanation go here.

Location Marketing

WeReward allows consumers to discover and search for businesses in their local area. Our mobile apps utilize the GPS location of the customer to advertise your business to customers when they are physically close and ready to spend. Learn more about local marketing.

Product Marketing

If you have a consumer product, or other manufactured good WeReward can help you get the word out and drive real, measurable sales. Learn more about consumer products.

App Marketing

WeReward allows App developers to connect with our community by providing rewarded app downloads. Application developers can see who downloaded their app, when they downloaded it and how often they use it. Learn more about app marketing.

Social Media Marketing

WeReward is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, allowing users to easily share their experience with friends. Every time a user claims a reward they are promoted to share the reward with their social network.

Mobile app case study – Volkswagen


When Volkswagen planned the launch of their new Passat for Q1 2011 it was to find new ways and channels to forcefully and creatively reach out with their message and raise awareness of the new car model. “I had a dialogue with Widespace on possible means to create something new that would give attention and a “wow” feeling says Katarina Lakowitz, Internet manager at VW.

Volkswagen invested heavily in the mobile channel. “Widespace presented a proposal where we would focus on large “impact” formats such as full screen ads in apps and take-overs on mobile sites to achieve maximum observation value, in combination with standard banners to maximize reach,” said Katarina Lakowitz and continues. “Together with Widespace and our advertising agency, we produced a brand new campaign site in HTML5, where we showed our commercials, detailed pictures of the Passat and its innovations, and used the phone’s unique GPS functionality to directly show where the nearest dealer was and thus drive traffic to our showrooms.”

The campaign was reported in the media and became a hot topic. A very high click rate on the ads allowed for high traffic to the landing page where the average time per visitor was a full 48 seconds. “The fact that potential customers interacted with our brand that long per visit was fantastic,” said Katarina Lakowitz and continues “I’m very happy with the results and the campaign was also a business case for our headquarters in Germany.

via Volkswagen | Widespace.

Mobile Commerce with HTML5

By 2016 more than 2.1 billion mobile devices will have HTML5 browsers, up from just 109 million last year, ABI Research projects. The World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, the Internet standards organization, says the official HTML5 programming language standard will still officially be in testing in 2014. But web site, mobile site and mobile app developers already are digging into HTML5 as it exists today. ABI Research says 25 HTML5 features currently in use or in development will become widely used at varying intervals within the next three to five years.

“We expect HTML5 features in categories such as graphics, multimedia, user interactions, data storage and others to be widely adopted sooner rather than later,” says Mark Beccue, senior analyst, consumer mobility, at ABI Research. “HTML5 adoption is going to accelerate because it will be a key differentiator in the smartphone operating system war. Apple will be the key driver of HTML5 and consequently a primary benefactor as well.”

Numerous smartphones and tablet PCs that run operating systems from Apple Inc. (iOS), Google Inc. (Android), Research in Motion (BlackBerry) and Microsoft Corp. (Windows) come equipped with HTML5 mobile web browsers today.

via Mobile Commerce – HTML5 adoption on the rise, allowing developers to create richer mobile sites – Internet Retailer.

Google+ for iPhone


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Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

Google+ is only available for users 18 and older.


What’s New in Version

– Better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle
– Better support for attaching photos to a post
– Various bug fixes and performance improvements

iPhone Screenshots

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4

via Google+ for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 on the iTunes App Store.

Fweebi iPhone app

Fweebi is a fun, interactive and intuitive way to get the latest value and discount deals from your favourite brands…for free!

Available on the web as well as on your mobile phone so you can always have the latest savings with you. With the Fweebi mobile app you can even find the best deals based on your location – so why pay more!

With Fweebi you’ll always be the first to know when your favourite store offers discounts or special deals and get instant savings every time you shop!  Most importantly, Fweebi is made for you!  You tell us which stores and or categories you are interested in and Fweebi automagically provides you with offers for those deals only. No Spam No Hassle!

Download the Fweebi iPhone app

Fweebi is an innovative digital marketing channel. It is a highly cost effective and easy way to increase sales, foster brand loyalty and discovery, and generate consumer analytics based on usage of offers.

One of the most valuable aspects to the service is that your consumers are opt-in. They sign up because they value your products and want to hear from you. This generates a highly-targeted and quality channel through which you can easily extend offers and attract clients to your stores.

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mobl is a new free and open source language

mobl The new language of the mobile web

Build your mobile web applications faster than ever before — deploy on iOS, Android and other phones supporting HTML5 technologies!
is a new free and open source language designed specially to speed up building mobile applications. Using modern HTML5 technologies, mobl offers you

  • a concise language to build native-feeling web apps in a jiff;
  • great (Eclipse) IDE support (such as as-you-type error reporting, code completion and reference resolving);
  • a rapid save and test cycle. No more lengthy compilations, the mobl IDE compiles your modules whenever you save, ready to be tested in the mobile browser.

mobl language features:

  • Statically typed language, enabling great IDE support and as-you-type error detection, while reducing the amount of typing other statically typed languages require, through type inference.
  • Scripting language syntax similar to Javascript.
  • Declarative domain-specific language (DSL) for defining user interfaces.
  • Declarative concise DSL for defining data models. Data is stored on the device. No server back-end required.
  • Easy access to existing “native” Javascript libraries and widgets.
  • Compiler generates static Javascript and HTML files, ready to be deployed to any web host and to be cached on the device, to enable offline web applications.

via mobl.

Mobile Marketing

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Smartphone Market Look Like in 2015

Google and Apple are currently in a heated battle for control of the world’s smartphone market, but which mobile OS will reign supreme down the road?

That’s the question research and analyst firm Gartner is trying to answer. Its most recent prediction is turning some heads, though: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will overtake Apple iOS market share by 2015. Not only that, but Gartner believes that Android will control nearly 50% of the mobile smartphone market within two years.

In its most recent predictions report, Gartner claims that Android will jump from 38.5% market share this year to 49.2% in 2012. That’s more than double its 22.7% market share in 2010. Needless to say, it’s a shocking conclusion.

Just as mind-boggling is the conclusion that iOS will actually peak in market share this year at 19.4%, then drop to 18.9% next year and 17.2% by 2015. Windows Phone, on the other hand, will grow from 5.6% this year to 10.8% next year and eventually reach 19.5% in 2015, according to the research firm’s estimates. BlackBerry is destined for a slow decline, dropping from 13.4% this year to 11.1% in 2015.

via What Will the Smartphone Market Look Like in 2015?.