redSHOPis the leading webshop solution for Joomla – The powerfull Open Source CMS with 20 million downloads till date.redSHOP is individually adapted to your existing Joomla website and with our flexible and fully Joomla Framework support template system its never been easier.The webshop is easy to use and fast to update and best of all its 100% GPL licensed.

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redSHOPKey Features
No limitations to design and templateability Offer gift certificates and gift wrapping
Show an unlimited number of products Multiple currencies
Add pictures in different sizes Multiple payment and shipping methods
Send out newsletters and catalogues Statistics and Search Engine Optimization
Create action e-mails Ready-to-use and easy-to-manage webshop

A description of an eshop with Virtuemart

With Virtuemart you can add as many categories & subcategories & products as you wish.

Virtuemart eshop has many other features which enriches the eshop, Some of which are the adding of:

  • Vendors – of the same business
  • Product manufactures – a rich panel of product manufacturers details.
  • Coupon list
  • Custom tax charts
  • Sales reports
  • Shipping options – courier, postal rates
  • Store details – shop name, address, contact details, shop description & logo.
  • Payment methods – cash on delivery, paypal, commercial local bank payment modules.
  • Credit card lists
  • Orders – a detailed list of the orders details (which i will go into more details later on),
  • Users groups – which can be used to add various discount groups to certain customer groups ie: resellers, members ect.
  • Currency list
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Product Inventory
  • Special products
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Folders
  • Product Type
  • Product Discount

A rich description of the product category page for the eshop:
Virtuemart categories page consists of: the category name, publish option, taxonomy order list, number of products per row option, and customized theme page (flypage) option, and an image with auto generated thumbnail image, and lastly the rich text editor for the category description, which can include other images and Pagebreak , Readmore, Toggle editor buttons.

A rich description of the Product Information page for the eshop:

  • Publish or not publish option
  • Product SKU code for easy searching &referencing:
  • Product Name – which should be selected wisely as this directly influences the results in the search engines,
  • URL – if you want to reference the product to another website
  • Vendor – which you can choose from with a select option of the vendor(s) you have created in your eshop.
  • Manufacturer – which you can choose from with a select option of the manufacture you have created in your eshop.
  • Categories – A product can be submitted to more that one categories, thus saving you time, not have to create multiple entries
  • Product Price (Net price):
  • Product Price (Gross): which is automatically updated in reference with your tax chart
  • Currency selector
  • VAT Id – Select option if you have more than one tax bracket for your products in your eshop
  • Discount Type – Select option if you have more than one discount bracket for your products in your eshop
  • Discounted Price: which is automatically updated in reference with your discount bracket
  • Short Description – This snippet of text is displayed in the list of products of a category which is also optional but recommended and must be well written to captivate the viewer’s interest and describe the product in as little words as possible.

Product Description: This the complete product description of your product in
your eshop, and should also be very written and fully describe your product and all its characteristics,
which will explain and answer most of the viewers questions, regarding your product in your e shop,
and inevitably help sell your product in your eshop amongst all the other similar eshops on the internet.
This Product Description comes with a rich text editor, which and enhance your product content,
make it SEO friendly, and orderly with the use of tables, images, links, highlights and much much more.

  • Display Options:

List Style, Product IDs to include, Drop Down Box Values, Quantity box options, Child products Display Values and use parents.

  • Product Status: Stock amount, Minimum Purchase Quantity, Maximum Purchase Quantity,

Availability Date, and time (with an image display option),
On Special box (which is displayed in the featured product module),
Attribute List: The attribute list allows you to create custom lists ie Size: with property like small,large XXL etc. and each property has a price variant. Multiple attribute lists can be added to a product.

  • Product Dimensions and Weight

Include values like: Length, Width, Height, Unit of Measure, Weight, Unit of Measure, Unit, Units in a Package, Units in Box.

  • Product Image(s):

Multipile images and files (pdf) can be added to a product in your e shop, with an Auto-Create Thumbnail option.

  • Related Products tab

Lets you add related products, with a easy to use search selector, and the selected products are displayed when your product is viewed.


The orders page displays a list of products with: Order Number, Name, Print Label, Track, Print view, Order Date, Last Modified, Status, Update, Total, Remove button & more with
[ Pending | Confirmed | Cancelled | Refunded | Shipped | All ] options.

κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων & κατασκευή ηλεκτρονικού καταστηματος, κατασκευή eshop

Free Ecommerce CMS solution

Free Ecommerce CMS solution: software for your online store | LiteCommerce

  • All-in-one package saves your time
  • True CMS with tons of ready-made extensions
  • Customizable PHP platform
  • It’s free and open source

Drupal CMS has got a cool Ecommerce solution made by professionals

Why LiteCommerce?

  • You can focus on sales instead of making different parts work together

    After installing the pre-build Ecommerce CMS package you immediately get a running ecommerce website with a neat design, a shopping cart, multiple CMS modules and a set of sample products.

  • True CMS with tons of ready-made extensions

    Drupal included into the package is a true content-management solution with tons of extensions and add-on modules: blogs, forums, newsletters, comments, WYSIWYG, Google Analytics, AddThis, and more!

  • 100% Customizable

    Both Drupal CMS and LiteCommerce shopping cart included into the Ecommerce CMS package are extremely customizable: Drupal has a hook-based modular architecture, LiteCommerce is an object-oriented MVC software using Flexy template engine.

LC is compatible with:

Drupal 7

via Free Ecommerce CMS solution: software for your online store | LiteCommerce.

MyWebees facebook eshop

Just Connect, enter your URL and Go!

Everyone is on Facebook, you, your friends and your customers. You may already have a Facebook page, a cool landing tab or even a mini site, but why not take it a step further and bring your full website to Facebook?
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Want to make it easy for people to Like your site? Share it with their friends? Show off your sites’ fans? With MyWebees it’s easy!
Just drag and drop the social plugins of your choice, and your website on Facebook is
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Be  Social
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Visit your control panel to harness the power of the hive!

CS-Cart e-shop xml feeds

XML Feed Προιόντων

XML Feed Προιόντων
XML feed για τα προιόντα του cs-cart κατάλληλο για τις μηχανές σύγκρισης τιμών όπως,

Product Details…

XML Feed Προιόντων – & e-price

XML Feed Προιόντων - & e-price
XML feed για τα προιόντα του cs-cart κατάλληλο για τις μηχανές σύγκρισης τιμών,, και

Product Details…

κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων & κατασκευή ηλεκτρονικού καταστηματος, κατασκευή eshop

Virtuemart sms

Virtuemart sms
component & plugin για την αποστολή sms στους πελάτες σας. Μαζική αποστολή sms. Ενημέρωση για νέες παραγγελίες. Ενημέρωση πελάτη για την αποστολή της παραγγελίας του.

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VirtueMart Sales Reports (charts support)

VirtueMart Sales Reports (charts support)

Joomla Component για την δημιουργία αναφορών πωλήσεων για το VirtueMart 1.1.
Με δυνατότητα απεικόνισης των αναφορών σε γραφήματα

Available in September

datafeed xml

Datafeed – xml για τα προιόντα του virtuemart, για την εισαγωγή τους στο

Το αποτελεί τον πιο δυναμικό και ραγδαία αναπτυσσόμενο ηλεκτρονικό χώρο συνάντησης πωλητών και αγοραστών. Ένα νέο δυναμικό κανάλι διάθεσης των προϊόντων σας ανοίγεται μπροστά σας χωρίς καμιά οικονομική ή άλλη επιβάρυνση για εσάς.

Price per Unit (piece): €36,90

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