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Android Market

We’re pleased to announce that paid apps are available in more locations of the world! Developers from 20 more locations can now sell paid apps on Android Market. Users in more locations will also soon be able to purchase apps.

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Get Android 2.2!

The Android 2.2 platform is now available for the Android SDK, along with new tools, documentation, and a new NDK. For information about new features and APIs, read the version notes.

If you have an existing SDK, add Android 2.2 as an SDK component. If you’re new to Android, install the SDK starter package.


The Android SDK has the tools, sample code, and docs you need to create great apps.

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Android Market is an open service that lets you distribute your apps to handsets.

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Android Open Source Project gives you access to the entire platform source.

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Target Devices

The Device Dashboard provides information about deployed Android devices to help you target suitable device configurations as you build and update your apps.

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