8 Steps to Successful PPC Campaigns

8 Steps to Successful PPC Campaigns
Use the following checklist whenever launching a new campaign:

  • Research: Business Goals
  • Research: Target Audience
  • Research: Keyword Research
  • Implementation: Campaign Structure
  • Implementation: Ad Copy
  • Implementation: Landing Page Development
  • Implementation: Campaign Settings
  • Optimization: Statistical Analysis
  • Optimization: Refinement
  • Optimization: Bid Management
  1. Research: Business Goals
  2. Research: Target Audience
  3. Research: Keyword Research
  4. Implementation: Campaign Structure
  5. Implementation: Ad Copy
  6. Implementation: Landing Page Development
  7. Implementation: Campaign Settings
  8. Optimization: Statistical Analysis
  9. Optimization: Refinement
  10. Optimization: Bid Management

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via 8 Steps to Successful PPC Campaigns.

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