23 Best jQuery Facebook Style Plugins | jQuery Wisdom

jQuery Facebook Style Plugins

1. Facebox
2. Creating a Facebook-like Registration Form with jQuery
3. Simple facebook-like textbox dropdown jquery plugin
4. Tipsy – Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery
5. Facybox
6. FCBKcomplete
7. Facebook Style jQuery Chat
8. Display Collapsed Comments like Facebook with Jquery and Ajax
9. Elastic – Make your textareas grow Facebook style jQuery plugin
10. Facebook Style Wall Post Application with jQuery and Ajax
11. Facebook like multi Toggle Comment Box with jQuery and PHP
12. Facebook like suggestions with jQuery content appears and disappears
13. TextboxList jQuery Plugin
14. Facebook Autocompletion JQuery Plugin
15. FaceBoox style autosuggest with jQuery
16. FaceBook Style Image Editing jQuery Plugin
17. Facelist jQuery Plugin
18. How to create a Facebook Friend Selector using jQuery and PHP or Grails
19. Facebook style photo tagging with jQuery, Ajax and Joomla
20. Facebook style information box with jQuery
21. Facebook style Unobtrusive Ajax Pagination for will paginate with jQuery
22. Facebook Style Alert Confirm Box with jQuery and CSS
23. Boxy – Facebook-like Dialog Overlay With Frills
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