10 SEO Strategies for Facebook Pages

1. Choose the best name for your Facebook Page – and don’t change it
2. Select the best URL (Facebook username) for your Facebook Page
3. Use the “About” text box to place keyword-dense prose near the top of your Page
4. Use the “Info” tab to include more important keywords, text, and high priority links on your Page
5. Create “Static FBML” boxes and tabs to place lengthy content and more static links on your Page

6. Post direct links to your website (or other relevant sites) in your Page’s stream

  • 6.1. Raw URL
  • 6.2. Attach Link

7. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions, and a discussion forum
8. Get more inbound links to your Facebook Page from the web by posting links to your Page on all your websites

9. Get more intra-Facebook inbound links by getting more Facebook fans

10. Strengthen intra-Facebook reciprocal linking by getting fans to comment and like content in your stream

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